Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny Funny Valentines

OK, I'm a month early but seeing all the Valentine's Day candy has inspired me to show all you folks out there in TV land a tough to identify variation.

Friend o' the Archive and guitarslinger par excellance Mark Hellmann has some funny Funny Valentines, namely of the Giant Size variety:

The middle picture shows a lighter red back than the rightmost example and as it turns out it was of a 1961 vintage, while the redder version is a 1966 reissue.

Adam R. Tucker and Mark T. Simon's Non Sport Archive Identification Reference, a killer visual guide to about 2000 vintage non sports packs:

shows two similar, yet distinct packs were used to market the set five years apart.

The only real difference is the kid on the 1961 pack has red hair and the '66 shows a blond. The '61 pack is near the spine of the book, sorry for that. There is some other evidence of the 1966 reissue as well here, just scroll down a little and you will see a production code for it. So a set long thought to be from 1961 is also from the future as well!

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Anonymous said...

The other differences on the wrappers are "Funny" is centered on the '66 wrapper and the price is smaller