Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Third Dimension

I hate to keep cannibalizing the Legendary Auctions site but their live auction at the National last weekend had some really killer stuff in it. Amidst all this wonderfulness was a 1968 Topps 3D Baseball box:

I believe an actual card was stuck on the top and not merely a two dimensional representation. Here's a few more views:

I walked the entire floor three or four times in two days and saw only three or four of the 3D cards for sale. These just are not out there in any quantity right now (quantity being a relative term). In fact, the tougher test issues were in very short supply in dealer's cases at the National and even some of the easier inserts and regional issues from the 60's and 70's are getting harder and harder to find.

I have a lot more in the way of posts emanating from the National in the hopper. I had a nice discussion with hobby veteran Irv Lerner about Zabel Brothers Lithographers that I will recap next time out.

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