Thursday, March 15, 2012

Raks Resurgent

1975 saw production of three sportscard Rak Paks.  Baseball, as always, led the parade:

While the card count remained at 42, the price went up a dime compared to 1974, a sharp increase reflecting,no doubt, the effects of the first Energy Crisis. The header card also changed from blue to red, following the lead of the '74 football raks, which sported the same color.  Presumably this was done to male the raks standout a little more on the increasingly crowded counters of America.

The header card also serves as an ad card for Topps Sports Club.

Football raks were, in 1975, quite similar to the baseball:


The Sports Club mailer ad remains as well:


Basketball once again was MIA but hockey returned in rak (and several other forms) in 1975:

The back of the header?  Yup-Sports Club ad:

While the mid 70's raks are bland (and the football and hockey cards blander still), it's useful to know the price points and extras on the headers to help distinguish fakes.  Rak paks are among the most faked items in the hobby and a little knowledge always helps.

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