Friday, February 22, 2013

School Daze

Well kids, the folks at Legendary Auctions have done it again. Not only do they have a massive trove of Topps related goodies in their current auction but they have answered a question or two about a set blogged upon here a little while back and dubbed Funny Flash Cards.

According to the writeup for the lot, the set was a test from 1968 and is considered "elusive".  Agreed.

The Lot has 33 of the 55 examples shown in uncut proof form.  I took an extract from one to show what is actually the front of the Mrs. Seward card featured last time.  Ready?  Here goes:

The reverse is where all the action is:

I did say uncut proof sheets, didn't I?

There are seven "subjects" represented in the little red triangles: History, Nature Studies, Mathematics, Literature, Grammar, Science & Social Studies.  Without the other 22 cards available for inspection it's hard to tell if the list is complete.  Here are the backs:

Topps would often proof series or sets in two batches.  Usually one batch was meant to be double printed and was separated from the other but we can't tell which one was which here, 33 or 22. No wrapper is known still, so distribution is a bit murky.  

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Eric C. Loy said...

A bunch of these are up on eBay right now, here's one: