Friday, July 5, 2013

Black And White Alright

A couple of posts ago I dissected a 1965 Topps Halloween catalog, which was chock full of vintage goodies, mostly Bazooka related.  Today I have a 1967 Halloween Catalog, which looks like a partial and is in black and white but it's OK because there is a BIG surprise within.

This is identified as page 1 but I'm not so sure about that:

Keep an eye on those Fun Packs....

Next up are some boxes of Bazooka:

That sure is an interesting box of goodies at the upper right.....

100 cards, half of which look like 1967 baseball and the other half 1966 Batman's (Riddler Backs and one of the illustrated sets), both likely in cello wrapping.  It's quite interesting they were already selling off their overstock on the current year's baseball cards at a time when the high numbers were still being sold at retail.

I have never seen one of these in the wild; it would be a sight to behold if one surfaces, wouldn't it?!


Hackenbush said...

Sure beats a Fairfield repack.

Anonymous said...

See page 32 of the 35th anniversary issue of The Wrapper for my comment.