Saturday, July 12, 2014

Drugstore Blues And Reds

Topps' seemingly never-ending quest to dominate at all levels of the "jobber" retail trade during the baby boom era led to some pretty bizarre doings at times. Some affinity program offers in 1963 perfectly illustrate this point.

Topps was clearly looking to increase their shelf presence in the drugstores of the day by putting three small bottle of Bufferin into their 240 count Bazooka boxes. Bufferin must have sent a lot of tiny bottles to Topps to make this work:

Marketing materials also noted this curious pairing:

This is just the tip o'the iceberg though as a whole host of wellness and personal care products were inserted into Bazooka boxes in 1963.  Sore throat?  No problem:

Five o'clock shadow got you down?  Bazooka to the rescue: 

And if you cut yourself, these is relief close at hand:

And let's not forget the pompadour:

These various products seem to have had disparate owners; I was surprised when researching this post that one company did not own all these brands in 1963.

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