Saturday, March 11, 2017

Oh, Oh, Mexico

Hola Amigos!  Some interesting tidbits from the southern part of North America today, although they result in more questions than answers I think.

Friend o'the Archive Ken Cope contacted me to see if I knew anything about a Superman, The Movie card he acquired in a stack of Mexican issued Topps sets.  I most certainly did not, so of course I was intrigued.

Behold the card in question:

Compare that the the US issue:

What you see above is all I know about the Mexican issue.  I have to wonder if they also issued the second series, red bordered cards in Mexico.  I knnow there were at least two series of Star Wars released in Mexico. Charlie's Angels and the Six Million Dollar Man are also known to me, as is the 1977 NFL Football issue. In addition Mr. Cope advises he has a set of Mexican Planet of the Apes cards, which, presuming they are for the TV series and not the movie, would be roughly contemporary with Six Million Dollar Man, i.e from 1974-75, depending upon the vagaries of the Mexican TV schedule vs. that in the US. I've posted before about some of these other issues if you are interested.

Mexican, Venezuelan and other issues south of the US border are poorly documented and checklisted. I assume there are, in addition to the Topps issues described above, many others from additional manufacturers. I am aware of an Argentinian card guide but beyond that, can't swear there are any others specific to North America (outside of the US or Canada), Central or South America. And North America would include Cuba, which has issued many interesting sets over the decades.

Back to my original thought-if you have any information on this Man of Steel from Mexico (or the Apes), let me know!


Unknown said...

To my knowledge, there are 7 different Topps Mexican Sets

1977 Football: 528 cards, 5 different wrappers released

1974 Six Million Dollar Man: 66 Cards, 1 wrapper released (Some call this a Mexican test set because the US Version was. In fact it was a regular release)
1975 King Kong: 55 Cards, Number of wrappers released unknown
1975 Plant of the Apes (TV show): 66 cards, 3 different wrappers
1977 Star Wars (Blue Border, series 1): 66 Cards, 3 different wrappers released
1977 Charlie's Angels (series 1 - 4): 253 cards, 1 wrapper release, (The same wrapper was used for series 1 and 3, I have only seen cards from series 1 and 3)
1978 Superman (series 1): 77 Cards, Number of wrappers released unknown

Hh Master 1970 said...

I share some pictures
from my personal collection
from Mexico

toppcat said...

Yes, that would be great, you can e-mail to me at and I will add them to the post.

Jasen Johnsen said...

Are any of the 1978 superman cards rare or valuable? I just found mine in attic... along with 1980 Dukes of Hazzard.. battle star Galactica 1978... any information would be greatly appreciated. Jason

toppcat said...

I'm not sure of values but nothing would be particularly expensive IMO.