Saturday, February 23, 2019

Joe No

Concluding a loose trilogy on uncut Bazooka comics sheets of the 50's, today brings nothing but Bazooka Joe goodness.

The sheet below is the second (of three) series of these printed in 1955 and totals 48 distinct comics.

Once again there are 7 columns (1-7) and 12 distinct rows (A-L).  The three rightmost columns replicate the three leftmost columns while the middle column is all on it's own.  I guess there could be a "B sheet" with a different configuration as it seems odd to have single and double prints for freakin' comics!

 As we have seen previously on similar sheets, the black-barred comics appear every third row and your eye can pick up the pattern of repeating rows after the fourth iteration downward of this distinct feature.

These have a premium offer expiration date of February 15, 1957.  Looks like Topps went about 18 months from printing and packaging to premium expiry.

The diamonds have been seen here and there but what's new to me is the embossed + sign in the gutter to the left of said jewel. I don't know if these are centering or cutting guides but they must mean something.

Here's a few more comics for your reading pleasure!

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