Saturday, June 15, 2024

Swann Song

Further to some recent posts about the quite nicely-done Topps Sports Club News, Friend o'the Archive John Moran sent along scans of all six pages of what I believe is the final issue, Volume 2, Number 2, released for the Fall of 1976. As surmised last time out, Lynn Swann was the Guest Columnist du jour and the subject of the color 8"x 10" insert for this issue.

Here then, is the last of it:

Yup, Herb Goren gets another byline and I still suspect he pretty much wrote most of the content. The 1976 Football set preview kicks off what was a mostly mundane half-decade for Topps sports card design.  

Page two is all continuity:

Fun and games abound on page three plus book reviews that cover all four major sports.  Give the talent available to Topps in their stable of freelance artists and in-house in 1976, I have to say the illustrations continue to underwhelm, remaining the one really weak area in the whole publication:

The collecting network continues to network on page four:

There some inside dope on various athletes on page five.  Always a popular feature in the sports mags of the day, so why not here?

More underwhelming artwork with "Hot Dog: and some quiz/crossword answers.  

And that was that. As I've mentioned, the Sports Club seemed like a pretty good idea, with a clean, professional look.  The ride-along extras though, were what really made this a sweet deal for the audience it reached. It sure seems like fun while it lasted!

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John Bateman said...

Mundane issue:

They way the ended the 1976 Topps Football review "Good Luck and Happy Collecting" sounded like a farewell.

Eerie: In the Lynn Swann interview what is written about OJ "nobody ever accused him of...." Well maybe they would