Saturday, May 12, 2018

Wackadoodle Too

Well, on the heels of last week's post about the 1966 Topps Wacky Labels Friend o'the Archive Lonnie Cummins sent along scans of five more subjects.  I'm still hoping more come in from other sources but this is a massive increase in the known checklist. There's hints in Lonnie's scans too as to why the set may be so scarce. Here goes!

This one is a little snarky but ultimately I think it's pretty tame:

This one however, may have caused some parental consternation:

Too far?  Very possibly.  Meanwhile:

OK, here's another problematic label for the mid 60's adult:

If Junior slapped one of these somewhere around the house or on a school book, I can see a complaint being made to Topps. Execs were sensitive to such things and it would be quite possible to my mind they would have stopped the set in its tracks in that scenario.  It would certainly explain how scarce these things are.

There are more benign entries though:

More of these are known and I'm trying to get the appropriate scans.  I can't say if more than one of any subject is out there though.  The ones above look like there's no perforations, but Lonnie points the bottom edges indeed have perfs-tabs would have been below those edges but it's strange there's no side nubs. Maybe they were just printed in a long roll. It looks like two distinct styles exist: either humorous or deceptive, the latter using a word or phrase in tiny letters to drive the joke home.

Hopefully more to come on these.

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Coast To Posts said...

Whoa! These would not sit well in today’s world. Very interesting release by Topps.