Saturday, May 5, 2018


I had a rare bird fly into coop the other day, namely a 1966 Topps Wacky Label, one of the rarest issues of the 1960's.  In Chris Benjamin's The Sport Americana Price Guide to The Non-Sports Cards Number 4, he had identified one lonely label and an associated wrapper. In the years since a small handful of wrappers have surfaced and, if my count is correct, a total of two more Wacky Labels have popped since.

Benjamin's sole subject was illustrated in the book identified as "Earn Extra Cash...Blackmail Your Friends".  I can now add:

You will note the bottom is perforated.  That's because a small tab was originally there (shown by Benjamin), which also held the small black bar used by the cutting machine.  The top of mine isn't perfed though, it likely was in the topmost row of the printed sheet. The back is gummed, whereas Benjamin incorrectly had it as a peel off. It measures 2 9/16" x 1 1/8" without the tab.

The third positively identified subject unrelated to the small find (see below)  is not yet known to me.

An old Topps Vault auction yielded a wrapper:

And Friend o'the Archive Lonnie Cummins sent along a nice box proof scan:

That's it!  I'm aware of a small find of a dozen or so Wacky Labels at some point in the past and am hoping to get details on the subjects involved but a lot more information is needed on this obscure and rare set!

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