Saturday, June 24, 2023

Scaling Up

Friend o'the Archive  Lonnie Cummins recently alerted me to a neat eBay auction that offered a unique piece of equipment once used by Topps.  Check it out:

Yeah, it's in very rough shape but if you look at the right side of then base, you will see a Topps inventory tag riveted onboard:

It apparently came from the estate of a former Topps employee, who worked in Duryea, Pennsylvania. Topps got started in Brooklyn in late 1938 with what was described as a "tangle" of obsolete machinery in some quarters.  I think it's entirely possible this scale was part of that self-described mess and later moved to the Duryea.  I actually own a copy of the Operating Manual for the Manufacturing Building in Duryea but the scale is not detailed therein.  

I suspect this scale was used by the various chemists employed by Topps over the years. Maybe even this guy:

An interesting piece for sure but realistically, the market would seem to be pretty limited!

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Anonymous said...

Really cool. Used to work in Pharmaceutical mfg. That scale is outstanding piece of history