Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Proof Is Out There - Part Two

Continuing last week's fun, we're taking a look at the rest of the Topps items on Lew Lipset's 1986-ish consignment sale list today.  Up first is the 1969 Mini Stickers set, usually referred to as 4 on 1 Stickers. And yes, a set as all 25 cards were being offered:

I suspect these were cut from a half sheet that was displayed for a while (with a whopping price tag) at Bob Sevchuk's Baseball Card & Collectors Exchange, my long time hometown card shop, in Hicksville (Long Island) New York. The Exchange was also the very location where the infamous T206 PSA 8 Wagner was liberated from a larger panel. The mentioned perforations refer to the score lines separating the four stickers on each whole backing card, which you can clearly see on this example:

Next, here's some 1969 Super fun:

These square cut proofs show up relatively frequently compared to anything else on Lew's list. Here's an Oliva with an unfinished back:


Sorry for the glare here, it's due to the PSA condom:

And a Pascual proof with a finished back:

I'm not sure that Pascual hails from the Lipset list as he indicated his were (presumably) being machine cut from sheets and the one above looks hand cut.

Here's a 1971 Bazooka blast:

It is interesting, to meat least, that the last numbered panel was possibly MIA (can't tell for sure) but if only the full box flat was offered it matches up with this panel having the three toughest cards in the proof set, with the Hunter purportedly the hardest subject of all.

Sorry, here's Oliva again:

No one knows why the issued Bazooka set was de-numbered and reduced to 36 cards.

Almost concluding today's presentation, the 1974 Deckles also make an appearance:

There were two types of Deckles issued, one white-backed and one gray-backed.  The former has a very tacky gloss to this day, which probably explains why the second type exists. Here's my Matlack white back, you can see where some of the surface has peeled off:

Presumably Lipset was offering the white backed proofs.

We'll depart with this little nugget.  The sets referred to are 1958 Topps Basketball,  1969 4 on 1's and the 1969 Supers. This is why I think the sheet I saw the 4 on 1 sheet in Bob Sevchuk's shop back in the day:


Bo said...

Very cool! I am from Long Island too, lived in Hicksville from 2005-2007. I don't know that shop, I vaguely remember one on Broadway near Grumman. Looking at a map now, might have actually been Bethpage.

toppcat said...

The one on Broadway may have been Marty Perry's-he was partners with Bob for a bit. Bob was mostly on Jerusalem Ave across from Trinity Lutheran School (where Marty was with him too) but also in Mid Island Plaza for a short spell, then moved back to the old shop when he bailed out of the mall. Marty was on W. Nicholai and then on the east side of Broadway proper after he split with Bob.