Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cello, I Must Be Going

Not too long ago I took a look at the 1969 Baseball Cello packaging.  Well, Friend o'the Archive John Moran turned up another version of the display box that has a splash panel for the 1969 Deckles to complement the Magic Rub-Offs version already on file, so here ya go:

That scan was found at, no surprise given the Pete Rose image on the front panel.  The Deckle wrapper looked like this in wax form:

That makes me wonder if the cello wrappers followed suit. Maybe, maybe not as I can't find an example but given how tough the blues  are, it's possible I'm just unable to find a scan at present.

Additionally, I assume (dangerous, I know) it's possible a cello wrapper version exists for the Magic Rub-Offs. Note that the wax wrapper variant which had instructions on them:

The graphics on applying the rub-off decals took the place of an ad:

I'm not sure what a display box would look like without an insert splash as the Magic Rub-Off version is blue-themed.

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