Saturday, May 11, 2024

How Ya Doin' Sport?

Friend o'the Archive David Eskenazi has been sending me all sorts of goodies over the past several months and the barrage continues with two editions of the Topps Sports Club News plus a neat little extra that rode along.  In addition to being cool little items in their own right, these newly arrived issues have me re-thinking a few things.

Newly arrived are Vol. 1 No. 1 and Vol. 1 No 3, which have been added to my personal collection.  The first issue was a four-pager, quite well produced.

The "Guest Columnist" (possibly ghosted by Herb Goren, based upon content in later issues) was also the subject of the 8" x 10" glossy paper insert in each issue.  Steve Garvey was the first after his 1974 NL MVP win and this was what each member of the club got inside the newsletter:

The 1975 Baseball card preview was fairly in-depth:

There were other features, including a trivia quiz.  Try it without googling!

Then some card talk and a preview of the next issue (plus the quiz answers) :

Here's some better detail for the Topps Answer Man column:

I am going to call shenanigans on the answer to #3! Color for the 1951 Baseball Candy issues? C'mon Topps!

Below that were the teasers for the next two issues:

The previews were what made the Sports Club an enticing deal.  I don't actually have any of these superb extras except for the 8x10's from the next three issues.  Given what was sent by Topps, it's no wonder the goodies are AWOL.

I posted most of the contents of the second issue previously, leaving out two pages (of 6 total) which are missing from my copy.  So it goes....

We'll get into the third and fourth issues next time out! 

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John Bateman said...

There will be no traded set this year - they wanted to make that known

Good to see they addressed the 74 Washington NL cards