Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catalog Crazy!

Well, I was tragically outbid on a March 1965 price list from Card Collectors Company (one of Woody Gelman's side gigs) but managed to snag a bunch of scans that were quite illuminating.  Here goes...

Some items immediately grabbed my attention:

1) The 1951 All Stars "set" of 22 must have included not only all 11 Connie Mack All Stars but also the eight Major League All Stars and by implication the three super short prints!  (UPDATE 6/1/13 Keith Olbermann has advised CCC was NOT selling the three short prints).

2) 1952 high numbers were already scarce, going for a buck a pop. I am trying to reconcile this with the large number allegedly dumped by Topps in 1960 (a story I do not believe anymore).

3) 1956 Baseball Buttons (Pins) could be had at a nickel apiece, although the supply seems thin nine years after issue.

4) There were no full sets of 1964 Baseball Coins available mere months after they had been inserted into the 1964 packs.

5) 1959 Bazooka baseball cards could be had for fifteen cents each (see TOPPS GIANT SIZE in the  lower right corner).  I wonder if they were still on the box flats?

Next up, pages two and three:

Bowman's, Leaf's, T206's (a whopping forty cents each!) but the Canadian cards, including some Parkhursts are an eye opener.  Topps Hockey would have entered the US hobby this way. And Woody selling Fleer cards while Topps was  locked in a huge court battle with them is downright bizarre. Plus, more Bazooka! Not sure what the Baseball Card Check List was-possibly Charles Bray's American Book of Checklists? (UPDATE 6/1/13/: Keith Olbermann has also advised this was Woody's own bare bones checklist).

Feeling bookish?  The next set of pages will help:

All sorts of goodies here from primeval card storgae to ACC's to Basketball cards from Topps and Bowman.  You can almost hear the anguished cries of old school hobbyists needing proper storage ringing out.

Non Sports?  Check:

I see Space cards but where is Target: Moon?  Next up: Exhibits:

Too bad the want ad is cutoff, I am curious what Woody was still after. Things finish off with pictures (I think a page or two was missing from either the auction or the scan:

Given the treasure trove of information here, if any readers have good scans of other CCC catalog, please send them along for a future installment.

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