Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yet Another Update to The Team That Topps Forgot

Well, elephant's memory is one thing but blog memory is another. I was tooling around the ol' www and happened upon a new article in PSA Insider, discussing the 1966 Topps baseball set. Lo and behold, the mystery of the missing Astros cards of the late 60's I blogged about last year was due to a lawsuit between the makers of Astroturf and the team over the use of the word Astros. An injunction was issued and Topps had no choice but to follow it, hence no Astros logos or even text could appear on the cards.

Sorry for all the links and no pictures tonight, my scanner is presently myopic, hopefully to work again after a quick tweak by the crack Topps Archives technical staff. Maybe this will suffice for now:

It's just amazing what a little Astroturf can do to reduce maintenance!

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