Monday, December 21, 2009

Something Borrowed?

Something old, something new today kids, one of which may be borrowed and one of which is blue.

Back in February I blogged on the 1974 Baseball Puzzles, lamenting that I had never seen a 25 cent variety of the wrapper (29 cents is the more common one, at least IMHO) but one popped up on Ebay recently and it is indeed identical in all respects to the other except in price:

One other, potentially more disturbing tidbit is that the 1980 Superstar Stickers may not be what the Standard Catalog says they are. Bob Lemke's blog explains it here and we'll see if they take a big mulligan in 2011.

Compare, though the Bench/Wills Sticker fonts:

to those of this product's (click to blow it up):

(Courtesy Al Richter and Bob Fisk)

Very, very close. We'll see if Mr. Lemke can track down the source of the Superstar Stickers. Otherwise, it just may turn out to be a red herring. (UPDATE 12/22/09-I am informed the Puffy Stickers, once thought fake, are likely a legitimate Topps mock up. More on that as it happens.)


Larry Grigsby said...

I knew my gut feeling was right when I left that comment on the original post here and on Lemkes site.

The other tip-off is the shoddy quality, not Topps-like at all.

toppcat said...

Not so fast-the Puffies and Stickers may be legit Topps mockups. I am awaiting a few more details on each.