Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Package Delivery

So I'm at the National, see, asking around about old Topps display pieces and the like when I stumble across a nice selection of older looking goodies at one of the booths in the middle of the convention center, somewhere around where Nebraska would be if the National was laid out like the United States.  I ask and am told "nothing like that here". So I'm about to walk away when I glance down one last time and there in front of my sore eyes is this ridiculously wonderful piece:

You may recognize this bad boy from a prior post on the 1949 Play Coins Of The World Set.  I snatched this piece up immediately (although I am happy to report I negotiated the price downward first) and left it until I got home and could safely examine it.  The cello bag with the coins had ripped at some point so there is no way of knowing how many coins were originally within but I suspect more then five since the ten cent pack was a reissue if the coins inserted in penny tabs in 1949 (the piece above is from 1950 based upon the Flags of the World card attached to it). I believe the cello bag was originally stapled to the card in the upper left as there is an extra staple in it that does not attach it to the header card.

Here's the back, clearly showing scrapbook origins of some sort:

The two slots at the bottom make me think this came with a generic box that held the coins (and possible some Flags cards but I am not sure about that at all). It's a neat item.

If you have been reading along at home, you will note this is my 500th post-thanks for all of the attention and comments!  Much more to come as we march toward 1,000!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching 500! I always enjoy your posts, even when it's for a Topps product that I wouldn't normally have any interest in.

Sue said...

I have a single metal play coin, "100" "Iran" I found in a button box purchased at an estate auction in Ohio. If you are interested it is yours, I am a quilter and collect buttons for embellishments.

toppcat said...

Well that is very kind Sue but I have a full run of the coins. Perhaps you can keep it as a good luck charm!