Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Can't Beat The Real Thing

Yonks ago, or more precisely three years past, I posted on some military themed Bazooka boxes.  Late 50's or early 60's issues all, these were somewhat desultory box backs that are inconsistently checklisted, like many Bazooka issues.  Now John Shupak, who runs a fantastic aviation themed site called skytamer.com has put out a call for a couple of missing birds.

The set, as you might recall, has seven subjects and five are known and checklisted.  However, Nos. 4 and 7 are not and John is looking for any checklist help or scans  You can link to his trading card page here to see what he has on this and many other airplane sets. If you can help him our with his gaps, drop him a line.

I showed # 6 last time I posted on these but a couple more just sold on eBay and I can bring you #2:

and #5:

Bazooka issues of this era are not all that well known and examples such as the above airplanes are not always considered to be actual cards so they get caught in no man's land when it comes to reference material.

I also plan to dig into the Bazooka sets this year so anyone out there who has oddball or unknown information about their non-baseball and football issues from the 1950's to the 70's is urged to get in touch.
Dan Calandriello has some additional Bazooka scans over at the Net54 gallery if you are Ba-curious.

Some other Bazooka box bottoms are very strange, to say the least:

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