Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Four Front

Right when I thought it was safe to declare the 1971 Topps Winners checklist complete at a truncated 15, four more subjects have popped up.  I received cell phone photos of four additional winners last year that for a trusted source, although that source wishes to remain anonymous (and is not one of my "usual suspects").

The four new subjects are:

Philip T. Edgerly

Patricia I. Cox

Carl R. Scatena

Steven M. Wilkie

There's a reason for the secrecy, which may be revealed this year but mum's the word right now.  We have 19 identified subjects out of a possible 25 and I am now thinking the other 6 could be lurking out there (or not, Topps and its mysterious ways and all....).

Here is the updated checklist:

Mark D. Audia
April T, Bole
Lisa C. Bole
Patricia I. Cox
Allen G. Csuk Jr.
Philip T. Edgerly
Theresa D. Faulkner
Vernon Grover
Tim J. Harlan
Jeff Hooper
Darren K. Lazzari
Jeffrey M. Mihalik
Jerry R. Nachtrieb
Ricky E. Nobile
Brucette C. Rumenyak
Carl R. Scatena
Fred A. Sinopoli
Christine Ulicny
Steven M. Wilkie

Topps continues to surprise, even more than 40 years later!

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