Saturday, April 21, 2018

Package Deal

Here's a look at some tougher Topps boxes, packs and the like I've seen this year on eBay.  Some really neat items here.

Here'a a great idea, why not mix real wood with bubble gum?  In 1963 you could:

Ever wonder how cello packs were sold until the mid 60's?  For the most part it was in boxes like these:

This particular box held the "1966" Monster Laffs:

No gum in these packs when sold under the rubric of Trading Card Guild. Good way to avoid splinters, LOL.

Another gumless wonder, these Letraset licensed Magic Rub Offs from 1970 are tough, tough, tough to find, let alone the wrapper:

Speaking of tough, how about a 1971 Nasty Valentine Notes pack:

Love the instructions:

See ya next week!

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