Saturday, October 27, 2018

Acetate Trip

Well a whole lotta 1968 Topps Mod Generation production materials have been showing up on eBay of late-boy howdy!  This trove of original paste-ups and acetate overlays shows how tough the original set is to find examples from-I have seen more production materials (dozens of subjects) than original stickers (2) since I started tracking this set in earnest 7 or 8 years ago.

Here is Jimmy's original art and black acetate overlay.  You needed rubber cement, white-out, an Exact-o knife and a steady hand to make a set back in the 60's:

Groovy man-dig those elephant flares! Note that we have seen these acetate overlays before-it was how things were done into the 1970's before a different, albeit somewhat similar process that involved more color layers, became the norm before digital layouts were even a glimmer in Ben Solomon's eye.  Here's how they looked once stacked:

 Not far out enough for you?  Check this dude out:

George has really got some threads, I mean wow!

Probstein always has a bunch of Mod Generation proofs up on the 'bay but these are not part of his offerings.  He has enough out there that I may be able to eventually use the process of elimination to determine what name belongs to this image:

You can see it's a short name but all the pasted on bits have been lost. I'll take a whack at it when I have a little down time and update if I find anything.  It's not Ann though:

Those earrings would have hurt in real life!  And who's this happy couple?

Why it's me and my wife!  I had this framed up for our 30th Anniversary a little while back.  Sorry about the glare!


CaptKirk42 said...

I saw the mystery woman listed on Ebay (item # 371597034068) Her name is Donna.

Jason Rhodes said...

According to the Norm Saunders website, the unidentified woman is Donna (