Saturday, July 15, 2023

Tisn't The Season

No, tisn't the season (at all) but I did just procure this fantabulous American Gas Stations Season's Greetings double wide match cover!

AGS was the company owned by the Shorin family before they started Topps-you can click over to the labels to find out more. I reoriented the main graphic for everybody's viewing pleasure:

It's got a kind-of art deco feel, which makes sense as it would have been issued in the 1930's; it's really well done, isn't it? The Shorin's were observant Jews but their choice of holiday greetings was always centered around Christmas, even if not overtly stated.

The inside is pretty sweet as well and shows off the rushing Uncle Sam AGS mascot to great effect:

It may read a little corny, especially within the "security and happiness" wreath but the Depression was still wearing on and nothing could really be taken for granted. Given the hellacious temperatures and humidity outside as I type this, a little Christmas in July feels kind of nice!

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Bo said...

Royal Flash was trademarked in 1936.

The exterior was a stock design with the business's name and information added to the white area. You can see another example on page 4 here: