Friday, November 21, 2008

The Business Side

I'm on vacation from work for a bit, so of course I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures from the corporate side of Topps. As we all know from watching Mad Men , in the pre-computer days you needed a small army of people to communicate with your suppliers, customers and far-flung salesmen.

Around the time Topps started inserting cards into their penny piece gum "tabs" you would have seen this postmark on an envelope from Brooklyn

which may have even enclosed a letter

maybe with an attached business card from a Topps executive

If you were out in the field, perhaps as a local representative

you might receive your samples in a box with a colorful shipping label

and if you did a really good job, perhaps a nice card around the holidays would be sent in appreciation of all your hard work this past year

OK, some of these are out of chronological sequence and I only own the postage meter cut but you get the idea. Thanks to REA for the letter scan and some anonymous Ebay sellers for the other scans I lifted.

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