Monday, November 17, 2008

What's In Store

While it seems a little early to be thinking about what Topps might do in 2009 to promote their upcoming baseball card set, in years past (the mid 80's specifically) they practically issued the cards in November. While that is too modern for this blog, I thought it would be fun to look st some 1952-53 Store Displays and ad materials.

Topps had a widespread media campaign in New York (and likely elsewhere in the Northeast) to launch the "Giant Size" 1952 baseball set. They teamed up with Woolworth's and that resulted in displays such as that seen here, in an image I have seen in a few auctions now, certainly in REA and a couple other major ones.

You can see there some some uncut sheet panels hanging above the boxes of cards. This was probably not one of them as it has a double printed row and is arrayed 5 x 5 but you get the idea:

Sadly, I cannot recall the source of the above quadrant, nor the two scans below. If they are yours, please contact me and I will give proper credit.

In 1953 Topps had a very colorful window daisplay featuring Van Meter, Iowa's favorite son:

Not to be outdone by Woolworth's, some grocery stores had an abundance of 53's as well:

That one may be from Jeff Shepherd's collection...I'll take all those packs for a nickel each, Mr. Grocer! What the heck, I'll buy those Wings packs too, just to take them off your hands!

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