Sunday, November 30, 2008

Odds 'n End of November

A real hodgepodge today, (non) sports fans.

I found a scan on Ebay of the orange gum pack that contained the 1963 Topps Famous American Stamps:

And I also bought a few stamps myself. Here's Buffalo Bill Cody:

Prior to winning Buffalo Bill, I also won a 1949 X Ray Roundup card, which I will post when I do another, much more in-depth overview of the tiny cards Topps issued in penny gum tabs from 1949-56. Here is a grouping of 66 that went for a reasonable price on Ebay last week:

I also found out a few interesting things about the 1965-ish Topps Flash Gordon test set from the Net54 Vintage Non-Sports Chat Board. Amazingly, a cello pack with gum was found years ago in a Fun Pack wrapper. I'll post that scan here, you can read the rest for yourself.

This was apparently found in the mid-1970's! Topps must have really swept through the catacombs to find something like an impossibly rare cello pack years after it was issued.

That's all for now-stay tuned for some Christmas-themed vintage Topps stuff-maybe next time, maybe a little closer to Dec. 25th!

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