Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tying One On

OK, I am really punking out today and this will be a short post.  I am in the middle of putting together some more data on the 1953-54 World On Wheels set but it's gotten convoluted and won't be ready for few more days.  Instead I want to take a peek at the back of a pack, name 1968 Wise Ties, already covered here previously.

I purchased an unopened pack and was going to slice it open at a flap but thought better of it as the passage of 43 years has not weakened the glue one bit on this sucker:

Not only do you get a full checklist of ties on back, you get to see these were made in Hong Kong, famous for its fine haberdashers.    If you are wondering the pack measures 9 1/4 " x 3 13/16".  There is no production code, possibly due to Topps trying to import the product as a novelty or perhaps actual clothing. Actually, it's likely due to their no gum or candy being in the pack.

There have been some finds of these but I suspect mot remain sealed.  I still can't find a color scan of a tie out there in the wilds of the web.  Back atcha soon with some more WOW...

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