Monday, October 17, 2011

What A Rush

I glommed this picture from a Legendary Auctions catalog a while back and have been trying to piece together what is an odd little puzzle, with a definite Valentine's Day flair.

The carton held all three of these boxes, all of which are 1970 in vintage .  The markings indicate it was a subscription series for a Novelty Assortment, which is not helpful, although the 2nd Series designation may mean a Christmas themed 1st Series was issued; certainly something came before. Would a 3rd Series have been for Hallowe'en?  I am thinking Topps was recycling some unsold Valentines cards from 1970; perhaps this was the norm for the holiday-themed sets?  The Valentines and Hallowe'en Topps issues of the 60's and 70's are not well documented, so anything is possible.

I am curious if other series were issued like this-any Archivists out there with some info?

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