Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing A Checklist

As mentioned last time out, it is now possible to present a mostly complete checklist for the 1970 Topps Teamates cards, aka Grow Power.  According to the REA write-up for their near set, the cards should measure 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" or basically the same size as the "Tallboy" Topps cards (think '64 Hockey, '65 Football and '69 & '70 Basketball).

One card is still unidentified; my presumption is it should be #17 representing the Sales Department as the known numbering follows an alphabetical pattern and there is a potential gap in that spot, not to mention their Admin, Anne Rockfeld is shown on her own card. Cards where the numbering is surmised but not confirmed are shown with an asterisk. If anyone ID's card # 17 we will post it here.

Rob Lifson (who owns REA) is going to try and get back scans for us; they will be posted here as well but his auction is running right now and it may be a little while.

#1 Accounting & Budget:

#2 Administrative Assist. Sales:

#3* Advertising:

#4* Art:

#5 Credit:

#6* Customer Service:

#7* Data Center:

#8* Ediphone Operator:

#9* Financial Administration:

#10* International Administration:

#11* Mailroom & Fileroom:

#12: Marketing Management:

#13* The Odd Couple:

#14 Premium Records:

#15 Product Development:

#16* Purchasing Management:

#17* "Unknown" - possibly Sales:


#18* Secretaries:

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