Saturday, July 11, 2020

Super Pack

I want to revisit a couple of items today, the first is Fun Packs, those little (usually) 1 or 2 card packs Topps worked up every Hallowe'en and Christmas for a couple of decades.  I've shown various wrappers from these before but they all seem to be from 1965 or later. A recent eBay sighting makes we wonder if a primordial version has finally surfaced:

There's no product code, so it's pre-1966 and it sure looks like the graphics could be 1963-64-ish.

Secondly, I posted about a fairly unknown Topps Scratch Off game from 1980 and at the time (May 12, 2009) noted Bob Lemke thought it came from Jumbo Packs:

He was pretty close as they came in Super-Packs:

I guess this is technically a test issue.  Here's our quarry, on the back, 931 matching code with the card, and all:

Dig the commodity code at the bottom:

Now I say this was probably a test because later in 1980, Topps released a Football version with two key differences. Topps went with the theme and used Super Bazooka for the gum:

But there would be no scratch off for gridiron fans, just a crummy tray card with an ad!

(UPDATE 7/13/20: Turns out there were Football Super Packs in 1978 and 1979 as well.  1978 had no backing of any type, 1979 had a similar ad card. 49 and 59 cent versions exist for 1979, the former was a carryover from the year prior. A 1979 Baseball Super Pack with the ad card backer is out there too.)

What a rip!

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