Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just The (True) Facts Ma'am!

I was a bit neglectful earlier this week and did not post two key scans of the interior of the True Fact Mini Comics, which would have shown why the booklet has appeal to sports collectors. I finally found my reference for this issue (hiding in plain sight in Chris Benjamin's Price Guide to the Non Sports Cards No.4, albeit out of strict alphabetical order).

You will recall this was the cover of a Topps box topper of indeterminate origin, using artwork from an earlier, non-TCG source identified as Custom Comics of New York and possibly lifted from a series of educational or promotional comics:

The baseball section is chock-a-block with Hall of Famers-yikes!

While the football spread is also cool and similarly superstar-laden:

Click on each image for a better view!Who was Pudge Heffelfinger, you ask? Well, he was an important early college coach.

There are at least five booklets in the series, four of which were not sports related. I do not own any of them unfortunately. Here is the full list, again from Benjamin's Guide:

1) The Story of Baseball and Football
2) The Wright Brothers
3) Prehistoric Beasts
4) Magellan: The Great Explorer
5) They Served The Nation

There could be more of these out there than are shown here.

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