Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sign Of The Times

Oh, it has been a Christmas extravaganza here at the main Topps Archives Research Center (TARC TM). All sorts of wonders were revealed (way too) early this morning and now all the Little Archives are all sound asleep or playing Xbox Live (possibly both).

Mrs. Archives whipped up a traditional batch of her homemade Bailey's, a wondrous concoction full of froth and fire that knocked her out and off to bed. Your fearless blogger, facing an evening of Quincy reruns on the Roku or a free evening of teh Interweb, has opted for the wonders of the digital cloud.

What does it all mean? I have no idea. So I'll leave you with a simple sign tonight, as I am done in. This baby was featured in a semi-recent Hunt auction and caught my eye, albeit well after it was gaveled down at a nice four-figure price tag. I thought it was neat and old (from the 40's) so it's a perfect fit here. It measures a little under 8 inches high and almost four feet in length. It hung at the old Topps Bush Terminal HQ for years and you can see how the wood weathered but the paint remained, likely as it was lead based!


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