Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fine Felt

Well gang, two of my better hauls in recent memory occurred at this year's National in Chicago.  I was a bit on the fence about which to discuss first but have elected to go with the sports theme to start.

The 1949 Topps Varsity Football issue, aka Felt Back Football in the hobby parlance, has been covered here previously and collectors of the set along with my faithful readers know that it consists of 100 cards, divided into four groups of 25, each of which has a bright background color (green, red, blue and then brown replicates what is also found on yellow, or vice-versa).  This is a tough little set, especially in nice condition.

So when I beheld this beauty staring back at me, I inquired, negotiated a tad and then spent a few bucks:

The back is colorful, albeit in a different way:

I have an operating theory that, except for the 1948-49 Magic Photos (and the small 1955 Hocus Focus cards), all of the small, postage stamp sized cards Topps issued snugged between the wrappers of their penny gum tabs in 1949 were printed on sheets, or possibly half-sheets, of 100. I feel that Magic Photo and small Hocus Focus sets were printed in sheets of 126, which is supported by both a known uncut sheet of Magic Photos and the size of said series (two of 'em, each 126 cards in length, not to mention the 126 card size of the Hocus Focus set).  But I digress. 

I bough the sheet from Touchdown Treasures and they had a green and brown sheet as well. Yellow had been seen previously I was told but nary a blue has surfaced.  I was tempted to buy the other two sheets as well but decided one was enough.

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