Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poppin' Proof

One very neglected area of the collecting world is the Bazooka issues from 1959-71 (some older sets exist but were in a different style).  Mostly known for small sets of package design cards featuring baseball players, as well as occasional  football, hockey and non-sports subjects, numerous Bazooka sets were issued by Topps in their heyday.  The 1959 inaugural baseball and football sets were behemoths and Topps subsequently trimmed the size down in 1960 (two sizes exist from 1960-67, due to differences in the 20 cent and 25 cent Bazooka box dimensions) and began an eight year run of the familiar 3 card panels.

Here is a proof from 1960 that is missing the blue color process:

Meanwhile 1961 brings us a rainbow of progressive proofs:

Tough to find today in neatly cut form, some collect the three card panels or even complete boxes. Production runs compared to regular Topps baseball issues were miniscule and given how many were probably just tossed or mangled back in the day, survival rates are likely much worse as well.


Jason Presley said...

How is there not a law requiring baseball cards to come with boxes of Bazooka and boxes of Cracker Jack? Cracker Jack especially, since they've apparently forgotten how to seal their boxes, so every box is stale. I'd think they'd want all the help they could get to sell their sub-standard product.

Howard said...

Thanks for the post . I have been collecting Bazooka complete boxes for years. They are an INCREDIBLE challenge. Always thrilled to find a new addition. Even some of the most incredible collections in history did not have complete runs of bazooka boxes including Copeland and Halper! I am currently looking to purchase any complete boxes from 1959 , 1960 and 1962 - please e-mail me at if you would consider a sale.

Unknown said...

I'm seeking information on 1964 Bazooka 10 player proofs.