Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What If I Want An Egg Cream?

Well the inevitable has happened and the world can now see what Topps unleashed onto an unsuspecting public in 1970.  Friend o'the Archive Bill Cox has finally completed the twelve card puzzle that yields a 43 year old concept automobile Topps dubbed the Soda Fountain Car!  Here it is in all its wacky glory:

A couple of points to make.  1) Those cones are gonna fall and 2) Where's the napkins?

Being the result of an idiosyncratic insert to a scarcely known issue (Mini Model Cars), there can't be too many completed puzzles out there so a hearty well done is in order Bill!  Bill is nearing completion of the Racing Track cards that comprise the majority of the 33 inserts and you can bet we will feature the completed puzzle here once he hits the finish line.

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