Saturday, July 11, 2015


Wistful, wonderful wallet words today kids! Friend o'the Archive Gary A. has sent along some truly wondrous pictures and has done the nearly impossible-adding a set to the Master Topps List!

A flea market find, this yellow version of the Soupy Sales Wallet, first discussed here, looks to be designed for a girl to use.  The one I found previously looks more like a boys wallet but I'm not 100% certain.  In any event, here is the new one in glorious yellow:

It's a landscape orientation this time, with Soupy doing "The Mouse"! The font is the same as seen on the blue version and the back is similar too, with the reverse of a Soupy Sales card shown, along with the Topps copyright indicia:

The big news though, is what's inside.  These look like two Soupy Sales Topps cards in the clear photo holders:

Here's another view; they packed coin slots and a zippered coin pouch inside, plus some slots for a comb or something similar:

Guess what?  They are not the regular issue cards-these are made of paper and have a red autograph on front, not a blue one like on the cards:

Chris Benjamin's Sport-Americana Price Guide to the Non-Sports Cards No. 4 does mention these paper versions came with wallets but nothing further.

So we have an uncatalogued Topps set of unknown length.  And technically speaking, the wallets are uncatalogued as well.  It would not surprise me if more of these are out there, in different styles and colors. Right now we have blue, yellow and (as noted previously but unseen by me) gray.

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