Monday, June 29, 2009

Coin of the Realm

Today my thoughts turn to baseball coins. No, not the colorful 1964 inserts or the gaudy 71's. My focus today is on an obscure 1980 issue minted in limited quantities about which little is known. Sadly, I will not add too much to the commentary but rather take this opportunity to cast about for information.

Three coins are listed in the 2009 Standard Catalog:

Rod Carew
Steve Garvey
Reggie Jackson

They are said to be 1 3/8" in diameter.

Here is the obverse of the Jackson, from Ebay a ways back:

Here is the reverse:

I had a scan of Carew but it went with one of my hard drive meltdowns. I believe Carew was silver in color and in addition to what looks like a bronze Reggie, gold is also rumored to exist. There is a tantalizing hint in the Standard Catalog that they have been found with holes in the top but I'd like to see a scan of that phenomena.

Pricing in the Standard Catalog seems low as I recall Carew went for around $700 a couple of years ago and the '09 SC has 'em for a small fraction of that amount . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess!

I have to think more exist and so ask my intrepid readers for assistance.


cardcollector said...

I have 2 of Reggie in gold and 2 of Steve Garvey in silver with no holes in top

MrMopar said...

I saw Jackson and Garvey sell in a lot a long time ago on ebay. I contacted the winning bidder (back when you could do that easily), who I believe was a Reggie collector. He agreed to sell me a Garvey coin, but I thought the price was too high relative to his final bid (was hoping for a better deal, I guess!) and PASSED on buying one from the winner and have kicked myself ever since. This remains one of the few Garvey items still on my wishlist!

cardcollector, if you see this and may be willing to part with a Garvey coil, let me know please!!!