Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest of the Zest

A little while back (St. Patrick's Day to be exact) I posted on the 1978 Topps Zest set. A short, Spanish language themed set, it is one of my favorites from the 70's. As we enter the dog days I plan to revisit some prior posts while I work on a long, long piece on 1951 Topps baseball cards and what better place to start than here.

I stumbled across a pair of uncut sheets on my hard drive, mislabeled and hanging out in the digital equivalent of North Dakota and thought they merited attention:

It's hard to tell from the scan but each sheet appears short by two rows. I have no idea what the missing 22 cards are on each sheet but thought they looked pretty cool! That's 44 of each card in the set spread over these two (partial) sheets. Anyone have an idea on the missing rows?


Aaron said...

wouldn't it make sense to make the sheets like they are, so there would be no short-printed cards in the set? there were only those five cards in the set, right? and with those two sheets, they're all represented in equal measure...

toppcat said...

Topps was using 132 card sheets at the time so it's very odd. The bottom border of the sheets look short compared to the top borders as well; I suspect there was a header or ad card printed along with it. Otherwise they likely would just have added a 6th player.