Friday, March 6, 2009

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Just a quick post today as I prepare to head south for a week. In these turbulent times, I figured we could all use a little help so take heart folks, there is luck in the air!

In 1957 Topps inserted a card in their baseball packs (and football and non-sports as well) that offered a Lucky Penny premium for the youth of America to own so they would always have some funds on hand.


I suspect the part about holding keys would soon prove false but hey, luck is what you make of it. Here is the premium, less-than-attractively packaged from some long lost auction but which shows the obverse:

Blony was Bowman brand of bubble gum cross-marketed with Bazooka after the Bowman purchase in early 1956 and was sold into the early 60's. Either way, it looks like the luck of the Irish would be with you no matter which chew you favored.

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Jeff Shepherd said...

Blony popped back on store shelves in the early 1970's for a brief stint - through Topps, but in a twist wrap tube format - similar to Tootsie-Rolls.