Monday, March 30, 2009

Foiled Again

Well, pursuant to my last post, I have not had any luck tracking down a 1949 Topps Golden Coin yet but I did manage to obtain the reissued It Happened To A President Wrapper from Topps Canadian partner O-Pee-Chee. For some bizarre reason, the 1956 US presidential election was thought to be a good topic for a Canadian bubble gum set. Why? I have no idea.

As you will see below the Golden Coin wrapper issued by OPC was similar to the Topps issue seven years earlier. There are some differences though.

The OPC wrapper itself is taller (in the front orientation) and measures almost 5 inches. In addition the 1789 and 1949 dates have been obliterated and replaced by the price in the upper left and right lozenges. The "33"(representing the number of presidents through Truman) on the bottom lozenges have been replaced by an eagle motif.

Here is the 1949 Topps:

And the '56 OPC:

Notice too the "signature" of Topps Chewing Gum remains intact.

The comics in 1956 had a red coloring added to them:

It didn't make the set any less goofy but the coloring gives it a little fresher look than plain old sepia would have.

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Anonymous said...

hey there, in the process of cataloging and scanning my collection for sale and ran across these. bought them years ago from a guy who told me the coins came in the wrappers but he wasn't canadian so i'm not sure. here are links to scans of my 1 wrapper and 6 coins:

hope this helps, think they line up to PX14 description in ACC.