Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Driven Crazy

This seems to be the summer for new Topps oddities.  No sooner do I sort through the Pocket Baseball Game mystery than Friend o'the Archive Al Richter sends along a real head scratcher.  This time though it's not a pack, or a card, or a box or a premium. Rather, it's a license plate:

About the only thing I am sure of is that it postdates the 1966 move of the company to Duryea, Pennsylvania (the curved logo is a post-Brooklyn design). In fact, the little heart instead of a V in love makes me think it could even be from the late 70's.  Maybe these were given out or sold in the company store.  I have to say the face is a little spooky though....

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing these plates on ice cream trucks in the late 1970's. The trucks around here (northeast US) used to sell all sorts of candy/gum too...mostly from the Topps catalog. I think that could be the connection.