Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey Bub!

Huggins & Scott has come up with a few Bowman products that are germane to their competition with Topps and one of these is a box of Bub bubble gum.   Bub was a brother brand to Blony from what little I have researched of it and I will try to get more backstory when I can but it may have been Bowman's five cent chew and Blony the one-cent chew. I believe the brand predates not only Bazooka but also World War 2.

What drew me to it though, was the Parent's Magazine Guarantee (PMG). Topps obtained their PMG for Bazooka soon after it was launched in 1947 and that matches the copyright date found here on Bub (there was also a 1950 copyright for Bub and possibly later ones as well):

The reverse is interesting as well:

Topps was touting sanitary, foil wrapped goodness with Bazooka and the King and Queen Bub illustrations share a crown element with the Bazooka unmanned advertising mascot from the early days:

Deliberate attempt by one form to crib another's ad copy and design elements?  Highly probable in my view. Who stole what and when, though, is a thornier question to answer...

Well friends, I am entering a three week period of professional and personal events that are going to keep me away from the keyboard for a lengthy spell or two.  I still like to try posting twice a week no matter what so am going to go with some short and sweet posts until things return to some semblance of normalcy.  Things will back in the swing here before Hallowe'en so hang tight!

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