Sunday, November 18, 2012

Benn-Hubb Hubbub

I found a few scans of old Bennett-Hubbard products poking around what's left of eBay the other day. Benn-Hubb (that's what all the cool kids call it) you may recall, was a Chattanooga candy company purchased by Topps in 1943 and closed down around 1951.  Bennett-Hubbard also produced a few items other than candy though, as this little picture show will reveal.

Table syrup (think pancake syrup without the maple) was a big line for Benn-Hubb, as this industrial size can shows:

You can never be too sanitary! I would say this pre-dates the table syrup can above and is probably from the 1920's:

Also on the menu, peanut butter:

There are a variety of peanut butter jars but that one is the most descriptive.  I suspect Topps may have sold off some non-confectionery lines when they bought the company but that's just a guess. There's a fair selection of Benn-Hubb containers out there if you choose to pursue such things.

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