Monday, April 8, 2013

News Flash

We have a canvassing occurring folks, courtesy of Mike White by way of Mongo.  Mr, White is trying to count the number of 1966-ish Topps Flash Gordon cards in existence. He has a grip on the PSA pop report but any non-PSA cards, including those from other third party graders or raw need to be counted. If you have or know of a (non-PSA) graded card, let him know the company and grade.

You can contact Mike at and follow his progress (I think) over at the Vintage Non Sports Forum over at Net54:

And you can view the entire set (there are not many out there) and Dan Calandirello's gallery, also at Net54:

Speaking of ol' Flash, take a look at the cover of this Nostalgia Press book of reprints that was orchestrated by none other than Woody Gelman:

There was a whole series of Flash books, in addition to other strips.  Woody was quite the aficionado of comic art.

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M. G. said...

That operatic Queen song immediately started playing through my head when I saw this. Oh, it makes me so giddy.