Friday, December 24, 2021

Appreciation Sensation

Yes, I am a day early for some but I come bearing a Christmas Eve gift!

Here's a bit of an oddity, a greeting from the distant past ( 1945 to be exact) although it's essentially an announcement introducing Warren's Gum, a five cent line of Clorets-style candy shell coated chews. I don't have a scan of the actual front so I subbed in the back as it kind of makes sense to do so! I'm not sure if this was originally meant as a holiday greeting or not but the color scheme suggests it could have been and it would have been prepared after the end of the hostilities with Japan, so close enough.

The mistletoe and holly are upon us, so I'm going to just let this speak for itself.  I'll have a little "present" tomorrow for you all as well, on our normal posting day.  May your holiday be bright!

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