Sunday, May 15, 2011

It Is Balloune

Well, Blogger's little hiccup left thing relatively unscathed here at the Archive, with just a re-date of the last post to make it's mark.  1971 saw Bazooka's last effort for many years in printing cards on the backs of their party boxes.  The baseball effort was documented previously and in addition to those final twelve panels, football and hockey efforts also issued forth.

The football set is exactly what you would expect from Young America's Favorite bubble Gum, a twelve panel, 36 card set in a classic Bazooka design:

The marching band figure is classic!  An uncut proof sheet, showing markups, is out there somewhere as well:

 Crazy!  But what's even crazier is a hockey set issued in Canada, also in a twelve panel/36 card configuration:

 (From the Vintage Hockey Collector Price Guide by Bobby Burrell)

The use of the same design as the 1971/72 regular issue hockey set was a great idea! That said, they are tough, tough cards to find and the tape on the ends makes finding a nice one ridiculously difficult.  A full set of boxes is a five figure item and even individual common cards are three figure items. You can see how the "Young Canada's Favorite" tag line was adapted form the U.S. Phrase.  The box fron also shows tape galore:

 (From the Vintage Hockey Collector Price Guide by Bobby Burrell)

And with that, Bazooka bowed out for a good many years from issuing cards on their boxes.  I think this was tied to the sale of Topps to outsiders, resulting in a true corporate environment for the first time, which also reflected higher licensing and marketing costs making ancillary sets difficult to issue at the time.  I guess Topps finally had their bubble burst (sorry.....)!

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