Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hoppy's Bond

Topps was always looking for ways to move more product and get their merchandise in the hands of the public.  Very early on they had third party tie-ins with Magic Photos and Varsity, so a cross promotion for Hopalong Cassidy, covered here of late was a no-brainer.  If you lived in an area where Bond Bread was sold in 1950 (and it was an area that stretched from New Orleans to New England) you could get a Hoppy card and some gum with a loaf of bread.

There were two wrappers used in the promotion.  One was designed specifically for the tie-in:

While the other looked like a mashup of the two Topps types penny wrappers with a Bond Bread label:

The promotion from the Bond Bread perspective went well beyond Topps.  Check this out:

We'll take one last look at Topps and Hoppy next time out.  Happy Fourth of July kids!

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