Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Colors, Man, The Colors...

I came across these in the latest REA auction and thought they were pretty cool. These would have been created in February 1952 to help the printer determine if the final colors were right before the first press run of black backs was started.

The '52 Pafko, in addition to being a bear of a card to find in nice shape, is also one of my favorite poses in the set and you get to see a close-up of the Ebbets Field home dugout to boot.

Here is the finished card:

Here is one I need to add to my collection. Larry is holding up 7 fingers to represent his 7 kids, by the way:

I had to nick this pic, which gives me good chance to share the URL for

That is a fabulous shot of the Polo Grounds in the background, isn't it?

What was once printer's scrap after the cards were printed is now classic memorabilia!

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