Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Groovy Man!

As we near the 40th anniversary of Woodstock strange vibes are in the air. While the crescendo surrounding events at Yasgur's Farm will build until mid-summer, we can get an early start on things right here with a quick look at a test sticker set called Mod Generation.

55 gorgeous die-cut stickers were issued in this test set, each showing a very colorful person with a nameplate below:


The stickers were designed by Trina Robbins and then redrawn by Norman Saunders. They are indeed far out in concept and design. You can see a lot more of these here.

Original artwork from the set has surfaced, here is a fine example:

Researching this post led to the discovery that the scrawl in the lower right corner was Woody Gelman's approval of the artwork. Speaking of artwork, check out the test wrapper:

These tallboy stickers are fairly hard to come by and it is presumed the set was not picked up for general release, so if you see one snatch it up before the man does first.....I don't have any of these but am always on the lookout. Not sure where the above scans originated for the most part but if you can claim one, let me know and I'll post a link or credit.

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